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BLSG Networking Meeting – Safety Around Moving Parts

Event Details

NOTE - This is a face to face meeting at the Revesby Workers Club.

Topic: Keeping everyone safe around moving parts

Presenter: Gonz Marquez, Rondo Building Services

Gonz Marquez the Group Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager at Rondo Building Services will speak to you on how to keep those that work or walk past moving parts safe, from the learnings across that last 10 years at Rondo.

About your presenter

Over 30 years’ experience working in the manufacturing sector (Caroma, Victa and Rondo), from running machines to managing Quality Assurance.  Within this time always showed a passion to get everyone home safe.  For the past 15 years involved in safety roles and the last 10 years in an Environmental role.

Gonz’s major role over the last 30 years has been a conduit between those that have an idea to those that could design or pay to bring the idea to life.  Moving parts are not just on the manufacturing shop floor, they are in your house, car and gardens.  They are part of our lives, how we control them is vital to ensure we all go home safe.


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