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Network Meeting – The ‘other’ Person in your Workplace

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Please see the March Network Meeting Agenda - Here


TOPIC - The 'other' Person in your Workplace

What is required to effectively manage the Labour Hire workers, contractors, and tradesman, etc, who come into your workplace

“Other” persons coming into your workplace can present a serious risk to your company and your workers.  They can also present a major challenge to your work health and Safety systems and procedures.   Working out how you ensure the work health and safety of everyone at your workplace can be a complex and time-consuming activity:

  • What are my responsibilities towards them?
  • What are their responsibilities towards my company and its workers?
  • Who is responsible for providing them with resources, e.g. PPE, etc?
  • What do I need to do to keep my workers safe when they carry out work at other companies?
  • How do I keep my workers safe from the actions and activities of “Other” persons working at my workplace?Greg will explain what the Inspector is looking for when an issue involving a person classified as an “other” person arises.About your presenterGreg has been an Inspector with WorkCover/SafeWork NSW since 1998.  His current position is with the Work Health and Safety Metro Team.  In this position he deals with a wide range of industries.  He has extensive experience with the metal, wood, plastic, food, and logistics sectors.  He has expertise in machine safety, manual handling, forklift truck safety, traffic management, and bullying in the workplace.  Greg has been the SafeWork NSW lead Inspector with the Bankstown Liverpool Safety Group for the last seven years.


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