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Network Meeting – Mental Health (MERCER)

Event Details

Ella Mansfield, Mental Health, Principal – Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing, Mercer Marsh Benefits

 Topic:        Beast of burden – COVID-19, Mental Health and Australian Workplaces

  • Exploring the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on workplace mental health in Australia
  • Taking a deep dive into the employee and employer experience – What is the research showing us?
  • Reviewing the responsibility for workplace mental health
  • How to construct an integrative approach to workplace mental health to minimise risk and financial impact?


About your Presenter

Ella Mansfield is a Mental Health, Wellbeing and Personal Injury subject matter expert, with a passion for improving mental health within Australian workplaces. Ella supports organisations of all sizes to create psychologically safe and mentally healthy spaces for their employees. Ella has an honours degree in Psychology fr4om the University of New England, and is an accredited Rehabilitation Counsellor and Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Ella is also currently completing a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology with the University of Newcastle.


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