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Network Meeting – Australian Standards – Fall Arrest Series / Updates and Changes

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Richard Millar, CEO, Working At Heights Association

 Topic:        Australian Standards - Fall Arrest Series / Updates and Changes

This series currently comprises four Standards covering the manufacturing and testing Standards for industrial fall arrest equipment and Selection as follows: -

  • Part 1 (2020) – Fall arrest harnesses
  • Part 3 (2020) – Fall Arrest Devices
  • Part 4 (2009) – Selection use and Maintenance
  • Part 5 (2020) _ Lanyard and Pole Straps

The presentation would be on changes made to parts 1, 3 and 5 to upgrade these standards and the proposed changes to part 4.

These changes in technology and the global market place required the SF015 Committee to review more recent international standards and to consider their possible adoption – completely or in part – into a revised and updated series of Australian Standards which reflect current thinking which includes variation in body weight allowances and changes to the minimum load capacities  to take in what is “reasonably foreseeable” in terms of possible product mis-use.

AS/NZS1891.4 Selection use and maintenance is a much wider read document and is referenced not only by users but by their supporting management, safe working at height training organisations as well as the Regulators and the workplace legal fraternity which the SF015 committee recognised the need to update this document to reflect the changes in part 1 & 5 a new standard.

About your presenter

In a Career spanning 42 years in fall protection, Richard originally trained as a Production Engineer, Production Superintendent and Production Manager in the manufacture of Plastic and Metal Safety Products.

In 1975 Rick (Richard) took up a position in a small company designing and manufacturing height safety equipment, Rick has also worked for a number large manufacturers in safety and materials handling sphere involving himself in design, research & development, testing and advisory services, in addition to his interest in manufacturing.

In 1976 Rick assisted in the development and original drafting of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1891.1 Series and AS/2626: 1982 originally the precursor for AS/NZS1891.4 Care and Use of Fall protection equipment as part of the SF015 committee, and has taken the position of drafting leader on that committee and more recently been appointed Chairman of the International Standards ISO/TC94/SC4 committee for fall protection.

Rick is presently CEO and Technical Chair of the Working at Heights Association

Having completed 18 years with Capital Safety Later Known as 3M Fall Protection as Technical Manager he has taken up the role of CEO for WAHA and is well qualified to provide information and advice on fall protection Standards, products, systems and safe use.


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