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The Bankstown/Liverpool District Safety Group has been in existence since 1988 and is one of several NSW groups established as a means of furthering occupational health and safety awareness to business.

The need to keep abreast of occupational health and safety matters and legislation is critical to the successful running of any business as the cost of work-related accidents/illnesses and claims, coupled with fines for breaches of legislation, can seriously affect an organisation's viability.

The Bankstown/Liverpool District Safety Group endeavours to meet these needs.

The Group meets on a monthly basis and generally follows the format of having a guest speaker on some aspect of occupational health and safety.

A short meeting to enable those present to share ideas and be informed of current issues follows this.

A problem-sharing segment and an update of the latest occupational health and safety legislation are key components of our meetings.

Representative from SafeWork NSW and Kingston Reid Lawyers are often present at meetings in an advisory capacity, to present these legislative updates and assist with the  problems of those attending.

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The Group meets at the Revesby Workers Club. The Club is situated at 2b Brett Street, Revesby, NSW.

The Group meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 12:30pm for a light lunch and refreshment followed by a 1:00pm meeting.

The meeting concludes before 2:00pm. During the course of the year the Group endeavours to visit one of two sites, in place of the usual meeting, in order to further the knowledge of those attending in occupational health and safety matters.

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