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Network Meeting – Difficult Conversations

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 Fiona McKenzie, Resolving Matters

 Topic:       Negotiation Tips For Difficult Conversations

For most of us, difficult conversations are a fact of life. For safety professionals, who are dealing with safety concerns, addressing non-compliance issues and handling crisis discussions, difficult conversations are ubiquitous.

When the stakes are high — during a negotiation or when dealing with conflict or poor alignment in the workplace — a lack of consensus can cost you time and money and can ultimately damage relationships.  Having the courage to initiate challenging discussions, manage them effectively and pursue consensus yields benefits at work, at home and throughout life.

In this session, negotiation specialist, Fiona McKenzie, will provide a framework to help you tackle your most difficult conversations. Using negotiation theory, practical tips and Fiona’s real-life examples, the session will equip you to confidently engage in difficult – but constructive – conversations.


About the Speaker

Fiona McKenzie is a management consultant and mediator. Her area of expertise is Positive Friction, helping leaders use constructive conflict and negotiation skills to be more effective.

Fiona supports leaders and teams to negotiate agreements, mediate disputes and facilitate team alignment.

She teaches negotiation skills to government and industry, consults on client-led negotiations, speaks on different aspects of conflict by design, provides coaching in negotiation and conflict resolution, and helps boards and leadership teams stop paying lip-service to collaboration and actually agree things and commit to action.

Fiona is a nationally accredited mediator and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree and a Master of Business Administration degree. She is also an Allen Knott Scholar medal recipient (University Medal) for the highly competitive Macquarie University MBA program.

Fiona draws on proven frameworks as well as her own models of negotiation and conflict-resolution, which have been developed through training, research and practical experience.


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