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Network Meeting – Managing a Crisis (Emcorp)

Event Details

PRESENTATOR - Richard Stevens, Director Risk & Client services, Emcorp Group

 Topic:        Managing a crisis, the links from a workplace incident to a crisis and how best to respond

All workplace systems, processes and procedures are underpinned by the human experience. This can have a dramatic outcome on both your and your fellow staff’s ‘inward and downward’ versus ‘upward and outward’ management of such events.

The human element, linked to operating timeframes, must always be considered in any crisis.

From a small workplace incident, through to a potential emergency and actual crisis event, consideration must always be applied to the behaviour and actions of both staff, company management, and their shared inputs over a timed event.

In this presentation, Richard will provide insights into how it is important to implement time management to events, and apply them to outcomes and reporting. Tied into recognising behaviours and engagement of staff at all levels, based on real world events, this will assist in reinforcing successful safety-based frameworks to manage any workplace event, to minimise the human impacts and reduce your exposure to risk. .

About your Presenter

Richard Stevens is the division head of Emcorp Group’s risk management service lines. In this role he is responsible for dozens of consultants operating in various regions on both a national and global level; inclusive of staff delivering client services and solutions based on incident, emergency, safety, security and the management of both crisis response and business continuity. Client solutions range from commercial risk management through to crisis response support, workforce training and technology application.

Richard has operated in the risk field since 2003, and brings a breadth of experience stemming from law enforcement through to emergency management on a global level. His varied inputs include management of major crisis for international brands, responding to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, through to health start-ups. His work involves RA3 (risk assessment, analysis and audit,) risk systems and procedures development, plus the training of workplace staff and education of senior management. A particular focus is on innovation and change management strategies.


MBA [Innovation and Change Management]

Grad Dip-Security and Risk Management

Dip-Health and Safety


Cert in Healthcare Industry (Aus)

Cert in Humanitarian Response to Conflict & Disaster

Cert in Firefighting Studies

Cert of Policing


Fellow-Institute for Civil Protection & Emergency Management [UK]

Board Member-Sea Heritage Foundation

Board Member-Aus. Bushfire Management Association [Treasurer]

Academic Works

Professional Associate-Macquarie University, Centre for Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism (PICT), 2005-2010

Visiting Lecturer-Charles Sturt University, Australian Graduate School of Policing Management (AGSPM), 2011

Fellow for the Institute for Civil Protection & Emergency Management

General Secretary-International Special Interest Group-Institute for Civil Protection & Emergency Management

Certified AU Assessment Systems

Certified HS Hygiene Systems Certificate

Certified ICAM-Incident Investigation


Hazardous Materials Tech-Black Level Chemical, Biological, Radiological Responder (Govt.)

Task Force One USAR Disaster Assistance Response Team-CBRN (United Nations-UN Heavy Certified)



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