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Networking Meeting – Accident Reconstruction (Delta V Experts)

Event Details

Dr Shane Richardson, Principal Forensic Engineer (Managing Director), Delta-V Experts

Topic:        What should you do in the event that there is an incident at your workplace

Dr Shane Richardson is a Forensic Engineer who investigates things that go badly wrong for something or someone.  Shane is going to talk and show technologies that anyone in the workplace safety area should at least be aware about so that they could either use the technologies or know who to ask if they need them.

Typically Shane explains to Lawyers about the exchange of energy between objects and what happen at location X to cause injury Y to Mr/Ms W and where Mr/Ms U was and what they could or could not see at time V seconds before the incident occurred.


About your Presenter

Dr Shane Richardson is a Forensic Engineer who has investigated thousands of incidents and will spend some time taking to you about what your organisation could do to prepare for an incident.  Explain and demonstrate what you can do if there is an incident and illustrate some technologies that can be used to enable others to understand and reconstruct what happened.

Shane will provide some case studies to illustrate what has been done and can be done to enable others to understand what happened.


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